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Making it easy and affordable tobring social identities to higher education

Expand the Borders of Your Campus with Cirrus Identity

Universities and campuses across the US face a major problem. People outside your campus need to access online services, but don’t have a university identity. This is a tech headache and more importantly it’s a user headache.

Forcing users to create yet another online profile is a huge opportunity for them to disengage. How many times have you left a site, because you didn't want to create another online identity?

For technical teams and support staff, it adds more work. It takes time and infrastructure to create "guest account" IDs that users will forget anyway. Then the helpdesk team has to field lots of reset password requests. It’s costly and inefficient.

But it doesn’t have to be.

99% of your guest users already have at least one SOCIAL identity. What if they could use Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to access services within your campus instead of creating a new account?

Cirrus Identity’s Gateway Service does just that. We provide a gateway service that allows "guests" like alumni, parents, incoming students and more access to your campus services using a social identity of their choice. It makes it easy for "external" customers to stay engaged with your campus.

Each campus has different needs so there are a few ways to customize the gateway.

Contact us to to see how Cirrus Identity can save you time and money, and help you enhance collaboration and maximize your engagement with customers.

How Campuses Use our Services

Incoming Students

  • Register for campus activities
  • Apply for admission


  • Access student billing system to view and pay balances
  • Apply and pay for student housing
  • View course schedules
  • Register and pay for events


  • Participate in online career networking
  • Register for events and volunteer activities
  • Donate to your campus


  • Continuing education students
  • Class auditors
  • Guest faculty and lecturers

Research Collaborators

  • Global access to shared collaboration tools
  • Inter-federation support


  • Register for activities
  • Complete safety training

Our Customers

Brown University

Carnegie Mellon University

Community College of Baltimore County

Penn State University

Indiana University

LIGO Global Research Project

University of Arizona

University of Chicago

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

InCommon and Internet2

Oregon State University

Newcastle University, UK